Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ghostland Observatory Poster by Frank Zio

Greetings from the land of Zio. Here's the latest:

I recently completed printing of my newest poster, which was created for the Ghostland Observatory and the good people at Goldenvoice Productions. I have wanted to do a Ghostland poster since I first saw them play at the Mezzanine, and it has finally happened! It was a great night, they loved the work and were super cool, the best an artist can hope for when meeting revered musicians humbly bearing the fruits of one's toilsome and thankless labor (OK so I'm being a little dramatic, whatever!)

A "little" about the print...

What we have here is a beautifully grotesque 6 color silkscreen, 3 colors of which are blends, meaning that the ink is mixed in the screen to create a (hopefully) nice, smooth gradient. It is definitely my cleanest print work, with air-tight registration and sumptuous color. I went all out on this one, the art for the poster being completely hand drawn with ink by pen and brush. I also ordered some special natural white uncoated paper stock, made with 10% post consumer waste, so feel good, O Patron of Posters!

If you want to purchase this piece from Frank for $40 out the door, with shipping included shoot him an email address is below. And check out the band, they are stellar and the coolest Tejanos around!

Visit frankzio.com for more detailed shots!

Paypal address is natasleazio (at) gmail.com

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