Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rhys Cooper VOTE MADNESS AND MAYHEM JOKER Art Prints on sale

The final two prints in Rhys's tribute to fellow countrymen Heath Ledger are on sale now. VOTE MADNESS (want to see a magic trick?) and VOTE MAYHEM (hello nurse...) along with their glow in the dark "I BELIEVE" variants. Unlike the first 2 in the "VOTE" series there is only 100 of the MADNESS and MAYHEM and 50 of each variant... Great to finally get this series finished, honor such a talent and get a real "4 of a kind".

He also did a print for this years NO FIN NO FUTURE art show in Tokyo, Japan by the great people at Pangeaseed. Proceeds go to Pangeaseed to help educate on the horrors of the shark fining trade and to hopefully one day bring it to an end while we still have sharks left.

Buy these and more in his new online store.

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