Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Everything Is So Black And White Art Print by Eelus on sale details

Well one more day until the internetz melts down with everyone trying to get the newest print from Eelus.

From Eelus:

The wait is over, my new print Not Everything Is So Black & White will be released this Friday at 3pm only at I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently for this print to drop. It was vital that the production wasn't rushed in any way, so you may have waited longer than expected, but you can be assured that you're getting the absolute best quality print I could possibly offer.
Just to remind you, the edition size is 120, screen printed with 22 beautiful colours, all for the price of £210 + p&p. There will also be a super exclusive, VERY limited hand finished edition online at the same time. To make sure there are no mistakes with overselling, there will be a small safety buffer in place with the stock levels on the site, so if you see a 'stock level low' message, then just give it a minute and try again.
I've been totally overwhelmed with the response and anticipation for this print release and I'm trying my best to reply to everyone who has been asking for more info. I'm still just one guy in a small room trying to hold all this down and with my upcoming show in NYC racing ever closer, it's proving hard to get round to answering everybody as there's just so much other work to be done. So apologies if I haven't gotten back to you just yet.

On the hand finished edition, the splats and splashes coming off the top of the umbrella are applied by hand and not screen printed like the normal edition. This one will be £300 + p&p.

Keep in mind 3pm he states is London time. East coast will be 10am West Coast 7am. Good luck to everyone going for this be patient.

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