Friday, August 20, 2010

New Posters From Brad Klausen on sale today Pearl Jam and Soundgarden

14.5" x 24", 5 colors, signed and numbered $25.00 plus shipping

18" x 24", 4 colors, signed and numbered $45.00 plus shipping

As most of you are already aware, there were some printing issues with the Pearl Jam 2009 Salt Lake City posters... they printed far too dark on black paper. When Brad saw these at the printer, he was a
bit crushed. When he returned home he emailed Jeff Ament and asked if he would be ok with Brad printing another round of this poster on white paper so the poster could exist out in the world the way it was originally supposed to. He said sure.

There are just to many good posters dropping today, the ole wallet is going to be crying.

Brad is putting up his second Soundgarden poster from the Vic show in Chicago as well as the properly printed Pearl Jam Salt Lake City Poster from last year.

It all goes down at 11am PDT over at

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