Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Malleus Caracol poster and art print on sale details

Malleus has created a very cool poster for Canadian musician Caracol and her new album coming out on Thursday. Based in Montreal, it was on a snowy winter morning that Carole Facal (a.k.a Caracol) came up with her first muse for « Blanc Mercredi ». In the comfort of her cozy studio, surrounded by her faithful instruments, she wrote interminably... Inspired by winter images, love poems, paintings and Art Deco books, the songs started to rise. French and English lyrics were given beautiful folk, pop, alternative and retro-soul melodies and arrangements. From this enchanting, slightly chaotic universe, emerged a collection of hypersensitive songs where sophisticated vocal harmonies, resonator guitars, ukuleles, old amplifiers and percussion of all kinds remind you that beauty still exists and that certainties, as rare as they are, are a beautiful thing.

Check her site for the poster going on sale perhaps Thursday, she will only have 100 for sale. Malleus will have it and the art print on silver paper on sale soon as well. The art print is limited to only 28.


  1. Poster available on Caracol web store (click on store) on her website.

    @caracolmusic has some woman T-Shirt also hand printed with this design, on her web store as well.

    A Malleus reproduction (letter size) is included in her Blanc Mercredi CD (Album).