Friday, October 28, 2011

Rich Kelly Star Trek A Piece of the Action artist edition posters on sale today with BONUS DRAWINGS

I'll let Rich tell you the details in his own words:

When asked to illustrate a Star Trek poster in which Kirk and Spock are dressed up like a couple of 1920's mobsters, there was no hesitation. I couldn't imagine anything cooler. Typically, I do a lot of drawing when working on a picture, probably too much. For some reason, this Star Trek poster was giving me a hard time, so I somehow managed to produce what seemed like thousands of drawings during the process. Ranging from thumbnails to polished compositions, hundreds of sheets of paper piled up in my filing cabinet. While the majority of them belong in the wastepaper basket, I like to believe that I do produce a couple gems during the entire process. Therefore I decided to slip some drawings into three randomly chosen tubes containing my the poster(s). I can't promise they are going to be Da Vinci-level sketches but I'll throw in enough so that you feel like you're getting a little something extra. If not, you can always make paper airplanes or write your grocery list on the back. Since my inventory doesn't usually fly off the shelves, I'll leave this open to any Star Trek print purchased in the first week that they're up.

Ugh, that was wordy, sorry if this is a waste of your time.

Anyway, I will put my quantities up for sale tomorrow, Friday, October 28 at 10:00am EST right here in my store. I have a couple of the regular edition, and even less variants. Both editions are 18x24in, will be signed and numbered AP's, and are 5 colors on some pretty 100# French paper.

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  1. This literally rocks-undoubtedly a rock poster framer.
    thanks for sharing!