Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New 311 Poster by Frank Zio on sale

Details from Frank on his latest poster :

I have been fortunate enough to be able to do a poster for my favorite band again. I've been on sort of a hand-illustrated kick lately, and for this one I wanted to make sure that not only was the poster drawn by a loving hand with real ink, but also that the screenprinted poster and the original illustration looked as close to each other as possible. So I drew everything together, foregoing my usual "safe" process of drawing the elements separately and then combining them on the computer.

The original linework is drawn completely with pen and ink, with the writing meticulously hand shaded. The central image is of a shark and a dolphin frozen in motion in a position that conjures the yin-yang. Anyone familiar with the band will recognize the distinctly Eastern philosophy that permeates much of their later work. The animal motif was also drawn from the artwork for their latest album, Universal Pulse, which features an assemblage of vaguely psychedelic natural and animal imagery. Since the show was in Santa Barbara, I chose to continue this motif using marine animals, knowing full well that UCSB's students spend as much time studying the surf (and various other liquids) as they do anything in class. The added fact that the summer tour is called the, "Unity Tour," compounded the appropriateness of juxtaposing two animals historically thought of as nemeses in what could be a dance or mosh pit situation (despite the fact that moshing is a somewhat endangered past time at 311 shows these days).

For the printing of this poster I used bright colors and metallic silver ink, along with a silky black. I wanted the colors to match the previous poster I printed for them at the Bowl, so I used the same palate. These saturated colors are also great summer colors.

I have a very limited quantity of artist proofs available for sale. Anyone who orders from my art list will get the poster for $30 out the door. Paypal right here to

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