Monday, October 31, 2011

SKUZZLES / TROMA Print Release Rhys Cooper Toxic Avenger / Surf Nazis Must Die movie posters

Skuzzles wanted the perfect artist to continue their TROMA series, who better than Rhys Cooper. Rhys is also a huge Troma fan and had recently watched Surf Nazis Must Die. Skuzzles originally intended to commission Rhys for the Toxic Avenger print of their series, but there was a catch. He would only do it if the Canadians at Skuzzles, sent him a 666L of maple syrup, a Team Canada hockey jersey, some flannel clothing and of course, allowed him to create a Surf Nazis Must Die print. They didn’t hesitate to the baron’s requests and immediately brought the demands to the higher council, known as Troma. As they had hoped, Lord Lloyd Kaufman and his devoted minions at Troma signed off on the deal. The package of odd requests was mailed to Rhys' castle in Australia and the battle on the artwork commenced. They knew Rhys was talented and they had seen what he could do, so they told him to go buck-wild on the colors. A few weeks of total destruction passed and sure enough, Rhys Cooper had crafted an 8-color masterpiece of magnitude that can only be explained by one single word, EPIC !

The results are astounding! These prints are both 12” x 36” (1ft x 3ft) and feature 8-colors on white stock, including 2 metallic green inks that glimmer like the lights on ET’s mother-ship during a clear-skied night. If Elliot had seen this, I’m sure he’d shit himself… and if Spielberg’s movie is true-to-life, that means ET himself would have shit himself (or itself) too. But the sweet stuff doesn’t end with these 2 prints alone. There’s a 3rd print that’s ultra limited and ultra amazing. They blasted both the Toxic Avenger and Surf Nazis Must Die onto a single sheet of 24” x 36” (2ft x 3ft) to create a double-feature variant, limited to only 50. The single posters both have an edition of 130

On sale November 1 Tuesday at a random time HERE

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