Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Season 2 of POP-SUB is HERE from Aye Jay and Nakatomi!

The new Season of the Pop-Sub 7″ print club is here! Volume ONE pictured above!

The Pop-Sub is an ongoing series of mini-prints, each set having at least three 7″ square prints, packaged in a custom printed 45 rpm record sleeve jacket! Take a LOOK at this month’s jacket as well.

The subscription will bring one little packet of awesome to your door about once a month for the next 6 months- Volume One is available now, or included with the subscription.
And- is there a better X-mas gift than 6 months of awesome little art delivered to your door? I THINK NOT!
Aye Jay (of AYEJAY.com) curates this series, and the list of artists participating this year tops the already high bar he set last season- take a look at the artists who have already committed to participate!
John Baizley
Jacob Bannon
Geoff Darrow
Frank Kozik
J Otto Seinbold
Art Chantry
Mike Munter
And of course Aye Jay himself and Tim Doyle will throw in as needed!
You can purchase a subscription to all 6 sets in season two for $120 (or $20 a set) or pick and choose the individual sets as they come out. Individual sets will be priced anywhere from $30-$50. (Except this first one at just $20)
Volume ONE is available for sale individually NOW, and Volume TWO is already printed and in hand to ship out next month! I’ve already seen the art for Volume THREE- and it’s going to be fantastic!
Please note- Volume 1 is in an edition of 100- each print is numbered out of 100 and each set is put together numerically. (meaning all 4 prints numbered 38 are together, and so on). That doesn’t mean that each future set will have 100 sets though- some may have much, much less.

Available for purchase HERE.

Check out the next story below for my exclusive interview with Aye Jay and how the Pop Sub got started and other details.

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