Thursday, December 17, 2015

Handiedan Parallax Print Editions Release Details

1xRUN are excited to welcome in Dutch artist Handiedan for her debut release! With a masterful mix of collage the intricate detail of found materials and iconic sultry pin up girls has found Handiedan showing in galleries and with public murals around the world. She join us this holiday season for her debut 1xRUN release Parallax. We caught up with the storied collage artist to discuss her debut RUN, available in an oversized hand-embellished/collage edition, unique silver and blue aluminum edition and hyper detailed paper edition,

 "Parallax symbolizes the different optical view or impression a person can have. Optical differences, and the differentiation thereof. A small change, can make a huge difference. Also called The parallax effect. Optical illusion and there is more that meets the eye. A periscopic view of the circle of life with the inner and outer challenges we all face.

The original collage was part of my recent Trifecta show. For that show I created 5 larger sized hand cut collages. This was a new challenge for me in size and in detail. The result is an in depth overview of the type of artwork I’ve created throughout the years and more, but with the main subject as described earlier." - Handiedan

On sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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