Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nicolas Delort Aladdin Poster Release Details

Black Dragon Press are very excited to release the limited edition print Aladdin, yet another superb offering from the amazingly talented Paris-based clayboard artist Nicolas Delort.

This is not only their first 24x36 print with Nicolas, but also the first time they have printed his artwork in the negative using white and grey/ochre inks on ultra-black paper; and BDP couldn't be happier with the result. Nicolas' intricate line work has come out incredibly crisp and luminous and really does the original etching justice.

Aladdin by Nicolas Delort goes on sale this Thursday 3 December at 4pm GMT. The prints are in hand and will ship straight away guaranteeing pre-Christmas delivery.

Aladdin (Regular)
Hand numbered edition of 120
24”x36” 3-color screenprint
280gsm Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black paper

Aladdin (Pearlsecent Variant)
Hand numbered edition of 50
24”x36” 3-color screenprint
280gsm Majestic Anthracite paper

Aladdin (Gold Variant)
Hand numbered edition of 30 (less online)
24”x36” Screenprint with Gold Metallic ink
280gsm Plike deluxe paper

Buy them at BlackDragonPress.co.uk

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