Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jay Ryan Intercontinental & Witness Prints On Sale

Jay Ryan has done a second edition of "Intercontinental", an art print from 2007. He made a new edition this month (clearly marked 'second edition") on a different paper stock. Since he used the original films, these prints measure 20 by 26 inches, which was the size which was fashionable back in 2007. This has been the single most-requested print Jay has made in 20 years.

 WITNESS! Jay Ryan also has three new prints inspired by some favorite foods, and also, I guess, by the recent Mad Max movie. These three prints will be sold individually or as a set. They are all printed CMYK on top of metallic silver, which is rather shiny and sort of chrome.

He also has new posters for Neko Case and Andrew Bird.

Buy them all at

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