Thursday, December 3, 2015

Miles Tsang Puscifer Vancouver Poster Release & Exclusive Variant Reveal

Ever since I heard the first notes on V is For Vagina I have loved Puscifer. When I heard Zoltron was curating a proper tour series of posters I really got stoked. Then Miles Tsang goes and creates this insane poster for the show in Vancouver last night. Once again blown away with every new poster Miles creates. It really is an honor to be able to reveal exclusively to you the variant edition of this incredible poster.

Miles on the posters design:
The image is inspired by the creativity of the Puscifer project. Though previous albums had a looser, more surreal atmosphere, the newest one (Money Shot) trades juvenile humor for more focused messaging, all while expanding the group’s sonic limits and maintaining its eclectic weirdness. As such, the central figure is a mash-up of elements related to the group’s vibe and its creator's wine making practice: the Greek Caduceus, Mexico’s Mistico luchador, and the merkin from which Maynard’s Vineyard takes its name.
 The posters are about 18”x24” 6-color prints with editions of 150 Regular (Grand Canyon Orange) and 50 Variants (Humbling River Blue). All posters glow in the dark. If you have never listened to Humbling River you really should and then go see them live it's a great show.

Miles will be selling his posters on Friday at a random time

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