Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zoltron Puscifer Oakland Poster Release

Here is Zoltron's Puscifer poster for the 12/8/15 show at The Fox Theatre in Oakland, California.

Zolton drops the knowledge on his poster:
When I was 10, my mom gave me the Rider Tarot deck, which I randomly came across while working on an idea for the poster.
I uncovered the devil card, which is all about giving in to your carnal desires. Food, wine, lust, sex, bacchus.... and Mexican wrestling.
Seemed like a good fit for Puscifer.
Posters measure 16” X 28” - 125 artist signed and numbered copies. Each poster sold at the show came with a silkscreen handbill variation of the poster, hopefully Zoltron has some for the online release I'm sure he has some.

A limited artist release will happen Sunday, December 13th at a random time at

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