Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Metallica Emek Seattle Print Release

It's crazy to think as long as Emek's been doing poster this is his first one for Metallica.

Emek comments on his work:
 Back in high school, I always wanted to do a big, evil, wacky, old-skool flyer for Metallica. I finally got my chance... 4 band members on his shoulders like little demons whispering, and 4 skulls surround the one eye (which could be you the viewer, or the band’s singular vision for keeping the band rocking’ all of these 36 years.) On the monster’s old-skool denim and leather jacket are pins symbolizing their albums and tours over the years…
Only 60 were made as silkscreens, and only these are signed, numbered, embossed and doodled.

Created for the August 9th show in Seattle. Posters purchased at the show are not silkscreens and not signed or numbered.

Limited Edition of 60 Silkscreen prints on Pearl Paper
SIZE: 18” x 24”
PRICE: $150 + shipping

On sale Thursday at  www.emekstudios.com The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:30pm PT on Thursday Aug. 17th
When the sale is complete he will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT and then the butt-hurt will set in.

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