Wednesday, August 2, 2017

James Flames 311 Charlotte Poster Release

Here is James Flames newest poster for 311, for their recent show in Charlotte, NC.

All versions of the poster are printed with "Black Light (Day Glo)" Inks, which gives them that extra special touch.

James on the design:
The illustration is my homage to the drums and to the thunderous beat. Here is our drummer, pounding away, and the floor starts pulsing like a literal heartbeat. Eventually the drumming becomes so thunderous, and the heartbeats get so out of control, all the drums and guitars and crates of records start being tossed up into the air from the absolute quake!

Along with the regular edition poster that was sold at the show, he will also have two variant editions in very small editions: the "3-D Bubbles" Foil Variant, and the "Dots-on-Dots" HoloFoil Variant. And, as said before, all three versions are printed with Black Light inks!

Everything will be available Wednesday, August 2nd at 12noon EDT on his website

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