Thursday, August 3, 2017

Primus Portland Print Variants By Matt Leunig Release

There's more lobsters in them traps son, you gotta look for them if you want the really nice ones..... This week Matt Leunig will be releasing a few different limited variants versions of his Primus Portland poster.

The first batch will be small sets of foils (Rainbow, Lava & Sparkle) variants. Each are Signed/Numbered Artist editions with extremely small runs.

“Rainbow” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Sparkle” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Lava” foil variant – Edition of 12 (Signed/Numbered)

Along with the foils, Matt will be releasing a super-special “Mutant Blue” variant that he only did a few of. Nature’s craziest and rarest mutation.

“Mutant Blue” variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Mutant Blue – foil” variant – Edition of 5 (Signed/Numbered)

So be sure to sail over to at 2pm EDT and check those traps if you want one.

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