Monday, March 26, 2018

Aiko Aquarius Art Print Release

1xRUN are excited to welcome back Aiko as she joins them with Aquarius as part of their ongoing Flint Water Crisis Print Suite! Joining the likes of Robbie Conal, Shepard Fairey, Brandon Boyd and Ron English, 1xRUN are excited to kick off 2018's first release as part of the print suite and welcome back Aiko for her latest release. Each print in this series is almost completely hand-painted by Aiko, with each color individually hand-painted before a 1-color screen print. Each is completely unique and will vary slightly from print to print. Be sure to snag your favorite before it's sold out and help support two great organizations, as a portion of the proceeds from this release will help benefit the Flint Child Health & Development Foundation and the Michigan ACLU! Snag this print and please help support these organizations directly as well!
"Since this project is to help people who are suffering from water in Flint, I wanted to use this image of a girl with spirit of water. Like the angel of water; she is chilling in the glass of water. Water should be free and clean for everyone, we are all part of nature. I was working on this print throughout February hand coloring one by one, and it was period of Aquarius, zodiac sign, which is the symbol of the water server. I also discovered that the word Aquarius actually referred to the public water system in ancient Rome. When I discovered what happened with the Flint Water Crisis I couldn’t believe that it was happening now, and I am very furious about how government cannot do anything with it. Shame, why people in ancient times were able to provide clean water to everyone but not in Michigan in 2018?" - Aiko
The Pink variant has an edition of 35.
The Blue Variant has an edition of 15
The hand embellished variant has an edition of 10

Each print is 20 x 24 Inches and a 6-Color Hand-Painted Stencil, 1-Color Screen Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper.

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