Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Erica Williams Rapunzel Art Print Release

Erica Williams has released a new print titled Rapunzel. She really wanted to release her before the end of Women’s History Month as the print is about “taking it back” as a woman and embracing your identity and worth.

$5 of every Rapunzel print sold will be donated to Equality Now, an international women’s charity that works to help educate, empower, and rescue women around the world.
This particular print is very special to me. I constantly encounter sexism and misogyny, both personally and professionally. Every female artist probably has at least one story about the fans that are too creepy or who make inappropriate comments. Some of us, myself included, refrain from posting photos of ourselves online to try and avoid sexist comments and objectification. I commonly encounter clients who are wildly inappropriate, with questions like “are you barren” and comments that are borderline harassment. Even at events it is assumed that my husband is “the artist” because why would a woman be the artist? There is not enough time to detail how often, and how offensive, this can be. “Rapunzel” is a reply to these behaviors, and is my way of highlighting the need for women to stand up, take control, and speak out and for men to support all the ladies as well. Men, step the fuck up. And ladies, kick ass and don’t apologize. - Erica

Rapunzel Mulberry
Six Color screen print measuring 18×24″
AP Edition of 35 - AP Variant Edition of 12
French Paper Construction Whitewash (Regular) or Pink Shimmer Curious (Variant)

Rapunzel Lavender
Six Color screen print measuring 18×24″
Edition of 55
French Paper Construction Whitewash

Prints can be purchased at:

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