Tuesday, March 27, 2018

James Flames 311 Day Poster & Art Print Release

James Flames will have the last few copies of his official 311-Day print, and its "Moon Lava" HoloFoil variant. The poster illustration is titled "Three Strings, and Eleven Arms to Play Them", his ode to the band on their annual holiday!

"Always Searching, Always Finding"....this piece has had a long journey for James. It started as a poster illustration last year, but he felt like it still had more to say, more for him to explore. So James started this painting again from scratch, and he thinks that now, finally, its story is complete!

There's a magical forest at the dawn of a new day, and a traveler and his trusty canine companion; there are three keys, and three keyholes, each opening the way to new experiences; there's a family of bunnies, curious as can be; and there's the most unlikely doorway, leading to the furthest reaches of forever.

This is a Giclée print,16" x 20", which has been painstakingly proofed and lovingly printed on the finest 290gsm paper (archival, natural,and incredibly sturdy), and it's ready to be a part of your home!

They will all be on sale at 2pm EDT Tuesday at www.jamesflames.com

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