Monday, November 19, 2018

Mark Englert’s Pawnee National Park Poster Benifit

The folks at Bottleneck Gallery love superheroes. They give us hope, and allow us to aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, while also allowing our dreams to run wild with possibilities. And while we tend to deal with the fictional types of superheroes with some of our releases, there are often real superheroes out in the world that we hear about, and BNG want to support these heroes as best as they can. So this week, they’re releasing a new edition of Mark Englert’s Pawnee National Park print to support the relentlessly brave and heroic firefighters battling the devastating fires out in California.

Thanks to their many vigilant buyers and fans, they’ve been made aware that Mark's previous version of Pawnee, which BNG released as a limited edition print a few years ago, has unfortunately been stolen and used without their consent by the douche bags att Teechip. In order to help combat art piracy, and to help the much more important issue of firefighter safety, they’ve teamed up with Mark to release a special timed edition variant of the Parks and Rec inspired Pawnee National Park print.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TEECHIP.

100% of the profits from this print release will go to the Los Angeles Fire Department in order to fund more hydration backpacks, which help firefighters as they combat the wildfires plaguing California. If you’d like to support the LAFD without purchasing a print, please feel free to donate directly at penny is greatly appreciated, and helps fund some truly heroic folks.

Mark’s print will be available as a timed-edition release from Monday (11/19) at 12PM EST through Sunday (11/25) @ 11:59 PM EST on their homepage, They will announce how much was raised on Monday, November 26th.

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