Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ingmar Bergman Persona & Autumn Sonata Posters Release By Black Dragon Press

2018 marks the 100th birthday of the ‘Shining Master Of Darkness’ Ingmar Bergman, arguably the greatest film director who ever lived, and Black Dragon Press are very proud to announce that they will be releasing a series of posters celebrating his work over the next few months. BDP are thankful to SF Studios and the Ingmar Bergman Foundation for the opportunity to create new works paying tribute to a true genius.
“This was a dream job for me. I consider Persona one of the landmarks of the film-making art and coming on the 100 th Anniversary of Bergman’s birth made the project all the more appropriate. Trying to capture the many faceted psychological aspects of the film in one image was a challenge. This led to a long ideation process as I strove to capture the psychological aspects of Bergman’s film and the stark lighting of Sven Nykvist. Working in a larger format offered more opportunities to explore texture and lighting subtleties.” – James Martin
‘Persona’ comes in three versions: the beautifully cool blue 9-colour regular, a red 10-colour variant and a special Somerset paper variant signed by James Martin.

Black Dragon Press delighted to have Patrik Svensson back after his brilliant Force Majeure poster (which is, incidentally, getting an English language remake with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell that will no doubt keep all the subtlety of the original) to create a poster for his fellow Swede's ‘Autumn Sonata’. Simple, clever and elegant — as always, Patrik nails this one.
“There's something about Autumn Sonata that just goes straight in. Things really happen between the lines here – the restrained acting, the yearning. The mother and daughter trying to reach each other in their own, sore ways, like how the daughter has been practicing the piano for years just to play a few notes for her mother, the celebrated classical pianist.” – Patrik Svensson
‘Autumn Sonata’ by Patrik Svensson
18" x 24" screenprint 270gsm Colorplan China White paper
Edition of 75 hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse

The first batch will go on sale this Thursday 22 November 2018 at 4pm UK time which is 11am EST in the US at

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