Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ravi Zupa It Is Inexhaustible Art Print

As winter fades away and the natural world begins to wake, Ravi Zupa is ushering in spring with the release of the fourth print in the Tattoo Gratitude series. This one depicts a dragon, a cat who has caught a snake, and a peacock.

This fourth piece in the Gratitude tattoo series depicts a dragon, a cat who has caught a snake and a peacock. The words for this print are chapter 35 of the Tao Te Ching, reminding us that we have tools to center ourselves and stay clean-minded regardless of what happens outside of us. Good advice for such a time. Ravi likes this chapter because it describes this kind of clarity as utterly boring and ordinary.

Stay alert, stay ready and always draw from the well of calm inside you. That well cannot run dry. It’s inexhaustible.

There is a single color and 2 color print to choose from.

Buy them at in the store.

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