Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Guy Burwell Posies Rockville & My Morning Jacket Posters

Guy Burwell has 3 new posters he released recently.

Late last year, My Morning Jacket requested a small limited edition of an Archived Print to be reproduced as a sort of anniversary of sorts. It was Guy's print from the 2005 Portland show with Saul Williams and it was offered online through Guy has a few left of his small artist edition available. The Original archived art files were used for this print, reprinted with modern inks with an updated tagline so as not to confused between new and old edition as is only fair. S/N, doodled edition.

Guy loves Power Pop music and loves Smart Lyrics. Put those together and mixed into the tip top of the creamy froth is The Posies. He was thrilled to be asked to do a small edition of prints for Ken and Jon as they made their way across the "United" States on this electro-acoustic duo tour.

This year, he will have two Festival Prints. Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville, FL, 2019, featuring the first stop on TOOL's anticipated 2019 return to touring, as well as kool stuff like Rob Zombie and Korn and a who is who of the world of art shock and darkternative groove blisters (which you can buy now). The other being the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH, featuring FOO FIGHTERS and System of a Down, Joan Jett / Blackhearts, The Cult, The Hives and many more this weekend. But you will have to wait to see the Sonic Temple one until next week.

Get them all at

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