Thursday, May 16, 2019

Eddie Colla Cacophony Laser Cut Acrylic Art

This is an amazing piece of art from one of my favorite artists, Eddie Colla and produced by 1xRUN.

This piece measures 18 x 18 x 1.5 Inches. Archival Pigment Print on 3 Tiers of Laser-Cut Acrylic. Signed & Numbered edition of 25.

This RUN comes ready to hang.
"The Goldfish Girl was created almost a decade ago. I often revisit it, and she has been longest continuing character I've created. I often write back stories for these characters to help me create the pieces, but they are generally never shared with the viewer.

The Goldfish Girl was born in mainland China, and raised mostly by a single father. Her mother passed away when she was 18 months old from cancer. She was often very ill as a child, and was eventually diagnosed with a compromised immune system disorder, although a precise diagnosis was never given. This is the reason for always wearing the mask and gloves.

Her father bred Goldfish for a living and taught her that trade as a kid. They worked side by side and rarely had visitors because of her condition.

These images are vignettes of her life in Hong Kong. I've never given the character a name. Sometimes she is pictured with a boombox because music becomes a central companion to her mostly solitary life. In the piece Cacophony I wanted her to literally be surrounded by the city. In some way I think I tried to create a character that embodied a lot of traits I aspire to. To remind myself.” - Eddie Colla
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