Thursday, August 29, 2019

Alan Campbell The Idiot Art Print Release

The Idiot by Alan Campbell, Inspired by the book by Dostoevsky.
Alan Campbell is exited to share the 8th print in his long running series concerning Russian literature. The idiot is one of his favorites and he's been sketching various ideas out for the last few years but it finally clicked together over the last few weeks.

The idiot written in 1868 while Dostoevsky had left Russia to escape his debts, mostly written in Italy and Switzerland, while gambling away what little money him and his wife had on roulette tables. Its regarded as one of his most personal novels, with the lead character also being subject to epileptic seizures like Dostoevsky him self .

The novel follows Prince Myshkin's return to Russia and entrance into the Saint Petersburg society. Myshkin is written as a pure and selfless character while the others are often more complicated, His other worldliness attracts and complicates the situations.

The Myshkin is the main portrait, Rogozhin is at the bottom and the cherubs are the children in Switzerland and in Russia who flock around the Myshkin recognising his uniqueness in comparison to the other adults.

Regular - (Red and Gold)
Edition of 25
Gfsmith colorplan 275gsm
Signed and numbered on the front, Stamped on the back
£40 / $49 + S/H

Variant - (Silver and black)
Edition of 10
Strathmore textured 300gsm
Signed and numbered on the front, stamped on the back
£75 / $91 + S/H

The prints will go on sale on Friday the 30th of August at 4.30pm GMT / 12.30 EDT / 09.30 PDT. at

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