Monday, August 19, 2019

Dayne Henry Tenacious D Atlanta Poster

The greatest band in the world recently played a show in Atlanta and artist Dayne Henry was tasked with creating the official poster for the event! Unfortunately for those in attendance, the poster was not available for purchase due to an unforeseen logistical shipping issue. The Fighting 4 Dreams copies are the only posters available to the public.

They have two versions of the poster a Regular edition and a Rainbow Foil edition with both versions featuring special UV overlay inks that give the posters some extra depth and shininess!

Posters measure 24" x 18" and feature special UV overlay inks so certain parts of the poster pop off the paper (a must see in person!) Posters are in the following signed and numbered editions by artist Dayne Henry:

Edition of 40 Regular Posters
Edition of 40 Rainbow Foil Posters

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