Thursday, August 1, 2019

Saber LA River Art Print

If you are into graffiti history then you all ready know the stories about Saber's Los Angeles River Piece he painted in 1997.

Saber was recently on the TV show "To Tell The Truth". Fast forward to the 9 minute mark to see him, it's a great segment. His part of the episode centered around who was "Saber" the artist who painted the worlds largest graffiti piece in the LA River. Here is what Saber had to say "If you think about it, this crazy mission I went on when I was a kid has now become a part of popular culture."

Saber decided to celebrate by printing a very limited run. He's never done a large format giclee print edition of this before, it measures 35 x 24 inches. He also added a little extra love with the embellished signature making each print unique.

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