Monday, August 26, 2019

James Flames Dave Matthews Band & Umphrey's McGee Posters Release

James Flames has a couple of new ones. First is his newest poster for Dave Matthews Band, from their recent show at Fiddler's Green. And for this one, he will actually have a very small Variant edition on "Rainbow HoloFoil"!

The title for this one is "When You Come Home", and here's it's story:
They saw each other from across the Village of Green. It’s a musical village, with two roads of piano keys winding through the trees — the kind of piano keys that tinkle and sing as the wind blows.
She jumps into his arms. Home again!
It’s a moment of reunion that quickly becomes bigger than life itself, and certainly bigger than the vast village surrounding them. They tower over the trees, like two enormous giants, and the wildflowers dance in the wind with her wild hair.
But most amazingly, their gigantic moment casts a massive shadow — a shadow so deep that it opens into the outer reaches of the universe.
And there they are, on the edge of eternity, holding on to each other ever tighter.
James also had the great pleasure of creating the poster for Umphrey's McGee's recent show in Louisville, KY. he'll also have two small HoloFoil Variant editions.

This one is titled "The Pack". and it's story goes like this:
When the whole family gets together, maybe they’re a little too curious for their own good.
As they were prowling around, looking for some fun and maybe some trouble to get into, they came upon a van parked in the Motel parking lot.
It was the dead of night and everyone was asleep, but the door to the van was open for some crazy reason.
They looked inside and found a full band’s worth of musical instruments!
As it turns out, all of them had always wanted to play guitar, since they were wee pups. Well now was their chance, so they took the guitars in their mouths, along with some pedals and cables, and dragged them back to the woods.
One by one, and all at once, they started playing the guitars. Furiously!
...If only they actually knew how to play.
By the end of the night the guitars were in absolute pieces. Turns out they all like to play a little rough — giving new meaning to the term “shredders”.
As the sun comes up, the family are feeling pretty satisfied with their wild jam session — and somewhere there’s a band waking up to an empty van....
Also, every order comes with a signed "Story Sheet" that tells the story for each poster.

Both will be on sale Monday, August 26th at 2pm Eastern at

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