Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Darin Shock Macho vs. Animal Art Print

Darin Shock just released a new print that's a celebration of growing up in the 1980's. It's an 18x24", 6 color screen print entitled Macho vs. Animal. There's a regular edition as well as a few on rainbow foil.

Darin on the concept
This is a concept I've had in the sketchbook for years. I absolutely adore my childhood and always wanted to pay tribute to it. It was a time of innocence, development, and creativity. I've held onto several toys from my childhood but none of them meant more to me than the classic LJN WWF figures and ring. I played with my wrestlers constantly and to this day, refer to the 1986 Christmas (when I received my wrestlers and ring) as one of the best Christmases of all time. This isn't just about the wrestlers though. Other toys were just as impactful, such as He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, NES, etc. I imagine every generation has their own fondness to the toys of their time but I can only speak to mine...and we were blessed with amazing toylines. This, on one level, is a celebration of those toys, but more importantly it's about the joy of being a kid in the 80's.
These limited edition prints are available at www.stateofshockstudios.com

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