Monday, March 23, 2020

David D'Andrea Seer Art Print Release

The SEER is a personal deity David  D'Andrea created some years back. It is a meditation on the question of earthly identity and persona, the seer and the seen.

 Some back ground from David
When this version of the SEER emerged it immediately felt like a protective spirit, a tribute to past and present experience and the need to sever oneself in order to see things as they are, to face the present with fierce determination.

We are entities swathed in swirling decoration, experiential baggage, and emotional scars. When we can step away from this earthly body and see through the mask who is having the experience? When seemingly insurmountable obstacles present themselves how can we witness and proceed?

I channel the question through visual art. It’s a vital function and blessing I’ve cherished for my entire life. When the spirit feels untethered...turn within and create.
The print is a 24 x 36" - 5 color screen print.

He printed 4 different versions.
Blackline and four colors are all the same.The gold and silver metallics are swapped out as well as paper type.

Each version is numbered separately and signed.

A. Gold metallic on "Madero Beach" paper. Ed of 40.
B. Silver metallic on "Kraftone Off-White" paper. Ed of 30
C. Gold metallic on "Kraftone Manila" paper. Ed of 10
D. Silver Metallic on "Berrylicious Blue" paper. Ed of 10

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