Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Chris Austin She Always Hated That Car Art Print Release

PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest print release in their 2020 print project, "In Peril: A Visual Story of Our Ocean's Greatest Challenges". Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist Chris Austin (Canada). This limited art print edition highlights the importance of apex predators in the marine environment such as the Great White Shark.

Artist: Chris Austin (Canada)
Title: "She Always Hated That Car"
Dimensions: 14x16 inches

Edition size: edition of 50 plus 10 hand-embellished prints - all signed and numbered by the artist
Pricing: $75 for the regular edition and $125 for hand-embellished edition

Release date: Wednesday, March 4 at 12pm PST via shop.pangeaseed.org

Artist Statement:
"Fear of the great white shark by humans has probably been around since the first-time ancient man encountered one. Despite their fearsome reputation and celebrity status, very little is known about this awesome apex predator.

Sharks, in particular great whites, have always been one of the most fearful species on the planet despite the fact that less than 10 people die per year due to shark incidents. Simply put, we are not on their menu. I'd like to help change that misguided perspective through my artwork. Apex predators are essential to the balance of any healthy food chain and the same goes for our oceans. Healthy oceans need healthy shark populations." - Chris Austin

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