Monday, March 16, 2020

David Welker The Great Divide Art Print Release

As David Welker turns the corner out of another Winter in the Northeast he has found himself drawing to balance the intensity of the slower process of painting again. One of the pieces that came out during this graphite flurry was a solitary figure standing over a frozen river. The drawing itself is a jumble of scratchy, gestural marks that almost appears abstract from certain angles. It's a symbolic moment of contemplation and crossroads in the wilderness. The land between the great continental watersheds where an explorer of a time long ago would come upon a river that flowed to a different ocean than the one he came from.

Archival pigment on cotton rag paper with hand deckled edges
Size 14 x 12.7 inches
Signed, embossed and hand-numbered edition of 125

The piece is titled "The Great Divide" and it will be available on Wednesday, March 18th @ 1PM ET on his web-store

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