Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Who New York City 1967 Poster By Dan Mumford

Collectionzz teamed up with Dan Mumford for its next poster in their Iconic by Collectionzz series, commemorating another legendary moment in music history.

The Who arrived in New York City in March of 1967 for a run of performances in the “Music in the Fifth Dimension" variety show, their first performances in the United States, at the Roaring 20’s era RKO Radio Theatre. After the obligatory dance contest ended, Pete Townsend’s telecaster ripped into the solo guitar intro for ‘Substitute’ from behind the curtain, and The Who appeared. Their brief show ended with the band destroying their equipment as smoked billowed from the speakers filling the small theatre. Read more about the show here (https://reserve.collectionzz.com/blogs/news/behind-the-poster-the-who-new-york-city-march-28-1978)!

There are two editions of the poster that will be available, the 9-color Main Edition of 130 ($75) and Pearlescent Variant Edition of 45 ($150) on metallic flake paper; plus as always, there's two Chase Variants (a Oil Swirl Foil 1/1 & Rainbow Foil x/2) that will be randomly added to three lucky purchasers’ tubes! Framing is also available at checkout for an extra $100.

On Sale Wednesday, April 15th at 12:00pm EDT on Collectionzz.com

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