Friday, April 3, 2020

David Welker The Mining Colony Art Print Release

This Friday David Welker will release his first painting of the year as a print edition. The title is "The Mining Colony". The piece developed slowly from abstraction into a fairly distinct pictorial landscape over the course of about five weeks.

Details and a message from DW:
I like when artwork transports me and I enjoy imagining what sort of minerals or gems the people who built this outpost are searching for, what their mining methods are and how far they are from any other civilization.

The piece itself is the first of a series of painting commissions that I'm taking on as a new direction for my career. I'll have more information very soon about how to register for a commission slot.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this edition. I realize these are trying times, but I must keep working for essential reasons. I am, as always, deeply grateful for your support.

Thank you and stay strong and safe.

The Mining Colony
Archival pigment on cotton rag paper with hand deckled edges 27 x 20 inches
Signed, embossed and hand-numbered edition of 125

"The Mining Colony" will be available on Friday, April 3rd @ 1PM EDT at

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