Friday, April 17, 2020

Emek Masthay Lovato Bicycle Day Blotter Print Releases

Shakedown Gallery has another fine offering for Bicycle Day this year,

Need some weird art to tide you over while you shelter in place?

Emek plundered deep into the neuroses of a nation and dredged up the Plague Blotter. Titled, “Los Dose Plague Bros: The Quarantweakers, Lickit and Covidiot,” you're going to want to be sure to wash your hands before and after handling this one. And for all that is holy in the world, DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR TONGUE!

While the rest of the designs on the site will be released at 9 AM Pacific on 4/19, the Plague Blotter print set will be released on Bicycle Day at 10 AM Pacific. Emek prints are limited to one print per color scheme per address until midnight. (Buyers can buy one each of red and purple. If prints are still available at 12:01 on 4/20, you are welcome to scoop up extras as gifts or for trades.)

AJ Masthay presents "Peaking," a beautiful interpretation of the classic Grateful Dead Skull and Roses motif. This print will drop with the others on the site at 9 AM Pacific and in an effort to give everyone a fair shot at walking away with a print, we also ask that no more than one print per household gets scooped up prior to midnight.

For a quick 4/19 link to all of the Shakedown Gallery Bicycle Day offerings, CLICK HERE

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