Tuesday, June 2, 2009


More new art work from Deuce 7. The panels are not done in the pictures the finished pics will be up on Wednesday but could not resist giving you a look at them.

They are located at
BH Connection
557 8th Ave. @ 38th St.
New York City

They will be hung and visible from the street.

And now the long awaited interview, actually the first interview he has ever given.

How long have you been creating art?

Any formal training? School etc ? No i hate school. After highschool i got a shitty job, started smoking weed and painted lots of trains and walls.

How did your love affair with trains start? One time i was walking down the tracks when i was 4 yrs old and this train raped me in my butt.

You've been quoted as saying you want to put up your artwork in as many places as possible. Is that simply because you want it to be seen as much as possible, or is there something else that drives you to get it out there?
I want as many girls to see my art as possible. I like when they say ''thats hot'', ''oh wow'', blah blah blah.

What's your favorite place to create: street or studio? Is the street a place for you to try out ideas that you can then use in the studio?
I hate being in studios all day or night. The yard is the best and the streets.

What makes you want to hit the road/rails? Is it getting away from things, or going to see things?
Watching other trains, scenery. getting wasted and listening to my pod, small towns and getting away.

What makes you happy, and what pisses you off?
Orgasms, good food, the homeys. When kids talk shit about me it makes me want to hang them and slit a fucking line from their neck to their dicks and let their fucking blood drain then use their blood to paint of canvas. haha jk

Who or what has influenced your art the most?
Barry McGee, POE KYT DTC, Ruets PDB OTR, Chubs

In 1998 a 100+ pound sturgeon washed up on the shores of lake Harriet in Minneapolis. How did this affect you/your art?
I was into fishing, watching trains and beginning to paint graffiti. My baseball coach killed himself in a nearby city lake and washed to shore too

Where did the idea for the Pringles face guy come from?
It just came out of me and happened

What has been your favorite city to paint?
Kansas City

Blondes or brunettes?
Right now its blondes and black haired girls.

Real or fake breasts ?
All of them.

Favorite restraint device ?

What kind of whips do you prefer ?
A horse whip or a paddle.

Last piece of art by someone else you bought?
I'm going to buy a piece from chubs soon.

Favorite brand of spray paint ?
montana and rusto

Any chance of doing a piece of art with Aaron Horkey ?
Yeah soon i hope!!!

What piece of art that you created are you most proud of ?
The ones i'm working on in nyc.

What kind of music and which artists do you like ? Is there any certain music you listen to while drawing ?
The new Cam'ron, Three Six Mafia, Watain, At The Gates, The Smiths.

What other artist have caught your eye? Any specific print that made your jaw drop ?
Nothing comes to mind but the graff in nyc cuz thats where i am now. Not really into most street art though cuz alot of it is stickers and crap.

Did you ever think your art would be put on paper for public consumption or did you think it would just be on train cars forever?
Its gonna be everywhere!

Thank you to Deuce for taking the time for the interview and the Friday Night Deuce Group for helping me with the questions.

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