Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anville's 'Canyons of San Angeles' Pre-Sale!

Anville continues his stunning 'Icons of Motoring' series with this EPIC 7 color screen print.
Available in 3 different versions-

Stainless Steel, a paper edition, and a blue foil edition.

"Canyons of San Angeles" is an 18×24 hand-printed silk-screened art print, each signed and numbered by Anville.

The Stainless Steel version is printed on a sheet of mirrored finish 20 gauge stainless steel. The Blue Foil edition is on metallic 'Curious' brand 'Ink' colored paper, and the regular edition is on 100 lb white stock.

Please note, this is a pre-sale- item will only be available until Midnight, Friday March 11th Central Standard Time. While this will be printed to order, we have to put a cap on the quantities sold. Nakatomi will not sell more than 250 of the regular, 100 of the blue foil, or 40 of the Stainless Steel variant.

Prints will ship within 3 weeks of orders placed- most likely sooner, but we've got Flatstock Austin this month, and want to make sure we've got time for everything!

Prints are available now in the ART PRINT section of the Nakatomi store. They will be available until they sell out, or Friday night at MIDNIGHT CST.

Check out his process for creating it HERE

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