Monday, March 28, 2011

MARS-1 Infinite Tapestry Blacklight Flocked Art Print

Crank up that blacklight you've been keeping in your closet and bust out that vinyl version of Pink Floyd's "Animals" that you've had in storage and let the party begin. Dazzle your friends with the latest collaboration between Electric Works and MARS-1, Infinite Tapestry.

This limited edition poster brings back the best of underground poster-making from 1970s. The rich velvety black is just that: virtually the whole print is covered in black flocking. Underneath that is a layer of UV-reactive fluorescent day-glo inks. Each print is signed by MARS-1. Tack it up in your dorm room, frame it for your study-this print is guaranteed to elevate the look of any wall it's hung on.

Each 32" x 25" poster is signed by the artist and due to the hand printing of the silkscreen each one varies just a little from the other making every one unique.

This is a limited-edition signed and numbered blacklight poster. The color background was applied with a process called "Split Fountain" in which all 5 colors are put on the screen and mixed into the gradient in one pull as the squeegee goes across the screen. Each pull mixes the inks a little differently so each print is unique. The fluorescent inks are UV reactive so the poster has one look in the daylight and totally different colors under blacklight.

About the print:
Infinite Tapestry, 2011
Hand Silkscreen, Fluorescent UV Inks with Black Velvet Flocking
Image Size: 32" x 25"
Edition of 140, plus proofs.

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