Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tyler Stout Trey Anastasio Poster on sale details

The details from Tyler:

i was asked to do a poster for Trey Anastasio's March 1st and 2nd show at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, and here it is. unfortunately i only have 15 of each poster to sell, 30 total.

i'll be selling them via random email lottery. names will be picked Thursday, March 31st, 3 PM PST. so enter once before 3PM PST Thursday if you're interested. winners will be limited to one poster TOTAL, not one of both.

How to enter:- send one email to
include your NAME and ADDRESS. make sure you give the name and shipping address that's on your paypal.

- multiple email entries will get you disqualified.
- multiple entries via different email addresses will get you disqualified.
- one entry per household, per mailing address.

bottom line, enter once and you'll have a shot.

pricewise, i'll be selling them for 45$ plus shipping. if you get notified, you can pick which color version you want to purchase. if that version is sold out, you can purchase the other version. or not.

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