Friday, March 25, 2011

Buff Monster 10 year commemorative art print on sale today

Buff Monster is celebrating 10 years of being Buff Monster and to help ring in the continued celebration he is releasing a new silkscreen print today! Buff states that "I have always been a fan of silkscreening; I silkscreen my own posters to put up in the street, I silkscreen certain elements in some of my paintings and I silkscreen shirts for myself." So releasing this print only seems fitting seeing as it is an iconic 10-years of art! Buff was involved throughout the entire process of this particular print, is really proud of it, and hopes that you all dig it too! It measures 18"x24", contains 5 colors, each comes signed and numbered out of 100, and will be releasing HERE tomorrow, the 25th of March, at 10am PST for $100 each plus shipping and handling.

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