Monday, March 28, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE Ken Taylor's Eddie Vedder Adelaide Australia Poster

Tonight's poster for Eddie Vedder's show in Adelaide Australia is done by Australian artist and one of my favorites Ken Taylor. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it, Ken sent over a massive image and it is just beautiful.

Ken describes his how he created the design:

The thinking behind this piece was inspired by the lyrics rise up and change my direction magnetically - I started to research animals the migrate via earths magnetic fields and stingrays seemed the most appropriate to eddie given his love of all things oceanic its a 4 colour 12 x 36 with metallic gold on a bone speckeltone french paper.

There will not be any signed ones for sale due to the logistical nightmare of shipping a 100 posters to Australia. will have numbered ones for sale soon and will have unnumbered for sale in the future. And you can check out the dates for Ed's solo tour in the US as well.

Big thank to you Ken for sharing the image and info, be sure to check out his work at

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