Monday, March 21, 2011

LYRIC Gallery Show– Curated by Glenn Barr Covered with Pictures

It’s got a good beat and you can paint to it.

Forgive the pun, paraphrase, or whatever else you deign to call that opening sentence. I'm not making light of Lyric, the show at 323East that will be curated by Glenn Barr and will feature two-dozen or so works by an impressive list of artists. We’re just happy to see that, in an art world filled with far too many ambiguously-themed exhibits, there are still group shows that don’t require a refresher course in either Barthes or Baudrillard.

The common denominator at the very heart of Lyric is (obviously) music. What is heard – what comes from or is fashioned by the musical scale of notes – is often the immediate prelude to what is felt on the emotional roster of our feelings. Everyone has a favorite song or (conversely) a song they wish they could banish from thought because the latter carries a baggage of bittersweet memories. Likewise a line from a particular song may prompt a multitude of images in the mind of the listener. And if the listener is prone to pick up a pen or a brush on occasion …

And that is the starting point for every piece in this exhibit. Barr asked each participant to “transcribe” a musical motif and its words onto canvas. The result is an impressive score and one without a single discordant note.

Music and its lyrics can always stimulate our emotions and it can have us contemplating a visionary narrative. Lyrics have been known to be the fodder of some of the greatest works in the world. This exhibition will illustrate the artists personal transcription from a songs lyric to canvas.

Inquire for artwork availability at 248.246.9544 or

Visit to see the rest of the pieces and what's left for sale.

I think my favorite is the one by Bryan Cunningham with the Hoo Doo U Luv with the snake and crazy textures on it.

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