Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chuck Sperry's “Joe Strummer, London 1975″ Print for Dead Rockstars Show

Details from Chuck on the poster:

“Joe Strummer, London 1975″
Chuck Sperry and Julian Yewdall
30 x 22
Edition of 50
5 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered (by Chuck Sperry)
Here’s my contribution to the Dead Rockstars show: “Joe Strummer, London 1975″
I’m collaborating with UK Photographer, Julian Yewdall, who is a noted chronicler of the Clash and was a former bandmate of Joe Strummer. Julian and Joe played together in the 101ers, Strummer’s band before he joined the Clash.
Our piece is a never before released photo entitled “Joe Strummer, London, 1975.” It shows Joe Strummer smoking a hash joint in a London bar. I met Julian Yewdall in London in 2008 and he invited me to his flat, and showed me this photo.
We discussed a sort of liquid light show color treatment at the time, a merging of London punk with San Francisco psychedelia.
Having met Bill Ham, San Francisco’s pioneering liquid light show master from the beginning of San Francisco’s psychedelic movement, I had seen the gear he uses to produce his shows and learned something of his techniques. I used film slides and oil and ink to create the liquid light show patterns that work through the print. Julian Yewdall’s reaction to the color treatment I gave the photo, “I like the way you have added to the already existing water marks and dust that I left on the original print, and the addition of colour brings a whole new dimension.”
Dead Rockstars seemed the perfect opportunity to release this print collaboration.

Opening reception will be February 2nd 2012 in Eugene Oregon at Blunt Graffix, a 2000 sq. ft. artist studio. Doors open at 6pm and the show runs through February 24th. The art will then move to THE WAVE Art Gallery, located in the historic Whitaker district, and remain until late March.

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