Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcoming Peanuts releases: Valentine's Day by Laurent Durieux and Dark Hall Mansion

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you, the one and only Mr. Laurent Durieux.

Dark Hall Mansion is exceptionally proud to introduce their latest officially licensed Peanuts release for Valentine's Day, something special, something a little different, something unique, and their first Snoopy showcase!

They've had this in development for some time and they're so happy to finally bring you their latest artist, this time from just over the pond in Belgium, Laurent Durieux, better yet, let Tom Whalen's elegant words on Laurent do the intro:

Tom Whalen on Laurent Durieux's Peanuts Valentine's Day piece:
"I LOVE the texture in this piece. I can't help but go over every inch and study it. Very fun. I was unfamiliar with Laurent before seeing his Peanuts piece but upon discovery, I immediately
looked him up and marveled at the rest of his work. His control of light and texture is phenomenal as is his seamless blend of retro and modern sensibilities."

So right in time for yourself, or those special someones that you just have to impress this Valentine's Day, Laurent's created two very special pieces (well, four actually, read on!) telling two very different stories:

Snoopy Just Married (Standard Edition of 275)
and Snoopy LOVE (Standard Edition of 275)

For the corresponding Variant to each piece above, Laurent insisted on creating two additional stunning works, again, each adding its own depth and complexity of story to his art and the Peanuts legacy:

Variant Edition: Snoopy Just Married/Winter (Edition of 50)
Variant Edition: Snoopy LOVE/My Blue Valentine (Edition of 50)

While all editions are very limited, and recognizing the insane demand they've had for past Peanuts releases, including requests for everything from open editions to a lottery format to determine buyers, DHM nonetheless hopes that with such a variety of art and story that every collector will have an opportunity to choose and acquire something unique and special for themselves or that special someone.

Standard Editions will be priced at $65 and Variants at $100. Please know no expense was curtailed in rendering these works in exquisite fashion; while costing DHM more than twice as much to print per piece than prior
releases they feel the end result was well worth it and reflects their commitment to quality. Printed on 310 Gsm Hahnemuhle German etching paper, these Archival pigment prints give truth to a final result that must be seen, in person, to be appreciated. The inking, lush, the textured paper, a rich, soft pleasure to handle, perfectly suited to Laurent's artwork.
The rest is on you, as the nuances in Laurent's work, his shading, the sheer detail and little surprises within each piece, all beg to be framed!

All Editions will be on sale next week, Tues, January 24th, at a random hour at Dark Hall Mansion: