Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clint Wilson's CraZy and MYSTERIOUS TUBE Sale

Clint Wilson is having his yearly tube sale, and THIS time around, he’s bringing the HEAT!

Not only is Clint practically giving away prints at $50 for a tube of 5 prints, but EVERY tube sold will have one amazing print from his personal collection!

What’s IN SAID COLLECTION, you ask?

Clint has been working in print shops off and on for years now, and back before he helped start the Nakatomi Print Lab, he worked at the local shop- Obsolete printing. AND, while there, he managed to amass quite the collection of oddities, rarities, and things like printer’s proofs and test sheets! Not to mention his straight up personal collection he’s throwing in! Back in ’08, Obey/Giant sent a big-ass stack of these HOPE prints to Obsolete to paste up around Austin, and as a thank-you to the staff, the story goes, Shepard allowed the people to keep a couple each for themselves!

I asked Clint to give us a quickie run down of what artists’ prints he had off the top of his head, and this is what he came back with-

A couple different Fairey pieces, including the HOPE print, Some Aaron Horkey prints, Brad Klausen Tron Alamo poster, Olly Moss test sheets, some Jad Fair, Luke Cheuh, Daniel Johnston, several David Flores, Evan B. Harris, Buff Monster, Dalek, Jay Ryan, Kevin Tong, Jon Smith, Dan Grzeca, Anville’s Delorean on Foil, Dave Kinsey, some different Jermaine Rogers prints, Michael Sieben, 2 Cent, etc…

Keep in mind, this is just the TOP of the stack. He’s got 250 of these to give away, and one is going in EVERY tube ordered through this tube sale!

Nakatomi will have 250 tubes. Each tube will contain 5 posters total. One of them will be from the ‘special’ stack of awesome. The other 4 will be prints by Clint, from way back when he first started printing to whatever he did last year!


These will go up between NOON and 12:30 CST on the Nakatomi site in the CLINT WILSON section of the store today, Tuesday the 24th. Nakatomi will post a direct link when it goes live, but the fastest way to find out is to follow them on TWITTER.

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