Monday, January 30, 2012

More Exclusive Debut's from the Dead Rockstars Show

Matt of Blunt Graffix who is putting on the show of the year starting Thursday sent over some more previews.

Alex Kirzhner did the Mozart poster
Scarecrowoven did the tribute to the Lizard King Jim Morrison

Blunt Graffix is putting on the Dead Rockstars Show A TRIBUTE TO THE MORTAL GODS OF SOUND.

Opening reception will be February 2nd 2012 in Eugene Oregon at Blunt Graffix, a 2000 sq. ft. artist studio. Doors open at 6pm and the show runs through February 24th. The art will then move to THE WAVE Art Gallery, located in the historic Whitaker district, and remain until late March.

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  1. AWESOME!! Must get the Syd Barrett!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg of you, someone, HOOK IT UP!!!