Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gumball Designs DRAGON & FENGHUANG and VULGAR RESPECT Poster Release Details

Gumball Designs are dropping 3 posters today including the TERRA AUSTRALIS poster I gave away last Friday. The posters will all be on sale late afternoon today.

18 x 24" x 6 Colour Screen Print including Neon/Dayglow Red & Blue.
Printed by Seizure Palace - Portland Oregon
Edition Size: 65 hand numbered with 45/85 artist signed as well.
Created for BLUNT GRAFFIX Dead RockStars Show, Ltd Gallery, Seattle Washington,  28th Sept 2012
A tribute print to Darrell "Dime Bag" Abbott! Anyone who ever was a fan would know what he gave us was amazing and be internally thankful for it! "Walk On Home..... Boy!"     \m/
Ben was always a fan of the guy throughout his youth and when this opportunity came by from Matt over at Blunt... It just had to be done!

DRAGON & FENGHUANG "Darkness & Light" 
12 x 24" x 7 Color screen print including metallic gold.
Edition Size: 85 hand numbered with 45/85 artist signed as well.
Printed by Seizure Palace - Portland Oregon
Created for Blunt Graffix "dragons Fury" show at their studio in Eugene Oregon on the 21st July 2012.
Depicting the internal struggle & the dancing balance between the Dragon and the Fenghueng (phoenix) symbolising a common discipline which flows throughout all of the martial arts.... That of Yin & Yang.

Buy them at Gumball Designs

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