Monday, December 17, 2012

Craig "Tapecat" McCudden Scratchboard Original Art For Sale

Craig McCudden has put 15 pieces of his original art on scratchboard up for sale. If you are not familiar with scratchboard art, it is one of the most incredible mediums you will ever see. Basically it is ink on board and you scratch it away using a variety of techniques to expose the surface below. It is also unforgiving, if you make an error there is no correcting it. The time, skill and patience it takes to create these is immense. All of these pieces really are something to see in person.

He is having the sale on his Bleeding Fingers Studio Facebook page while he works on getting a store setup on his website.

Visit Bleeding Fingers Studio Facebook page to buy the art. Like the page and send him a message to buy a piece or two. He does take Paypal

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