Friday, December 21, 2012

Pangea Seed Presents The “Year of Living Dangerously” Series of Prints

At PangeaSeed they believe art and activism can spark positive change within individuals and their communities. No matter how large or small the effort, we are all morally responsible to take action and make better decisions for future generations and the natural world.

The “Year of Living Dangerously” is PangeaSeed’s newest twist to the typical print suite. In collaboration with some of today’s most talented and sought-after global artists such as Ken Taylor, Dave Kinsey, Tatiana Suarez, Brad Klausen, Kozyndan, Emek, Rhys Cooper, Frank Kozik, Caia Koopman, Tim Doyle, Greg Craola Simkins, and Jeff Soto, they have created a simple yet beautiful concept: 12 fine art prints focusing on 12 endangered ocean animals. A new print featuring a specific marine species threatened with extinction will be released each month over the course of 2013.

Proceeds raised through the sales of the print suite will help fund PangeaSeed’s 2014 Year of Living Dangerously art tour of Asia. Because Asia is ground zero for the trade and consumption of many endangered species, the 2014 Asian event will reach six major Asian cities extending our core message to critical audiences. The tour with over 50 participating artists and filmmakers aims to educate communities about these endangered species and actions we can take to save these animals from extinction.

With coral reefs, rain forests and global fish stocks estimated to be in full collapse by mid-century, the threat of extinction greatly affects us all. Without healthy oceans a healthy life on Earth becomes a significant challenge and it’s going to take a global movement of awareness, education and action to bring about the sea change necessary to encourage citizens and governments to protect and sustain what cannot protect itself.

For collectors who already know they want the entire suite of 12 prints, they are offering 35 complete, matched numbered sets for sale. Not only will you get all 12 of these amazing prints, they are also including a special print that will only be available to purchasers of this set and that print will be limited to an edition of 40.
All set purchases will be shipped out on a quarterly basis, as the prints get released. - To learn more, please visit

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